Hair Care Tips Everybody Must Swear by During the Summer Season

Everyone loves to go to the beach and have some fun outdoors during summer. It is the ideal time for people to go on a picnic with friends and family. Summers are always packed with fun-filled outdoor activities and adventures, with beaches and swimming pools being the go to places of interest for everyone. But along with all the fun, comes a lot of damage. 

Although summer is the time to head out and have some fun in the sun, it is vital to take extreme care of your skin and hair to avoid the redundant damage caused by the sun. Swimming pools and the beach water adds to this damage. Therefore, it is essential for everyone, be it men or women, to look after their hair, in order to avoid excessive damage. Women must protect their gorgeous mane, whereas men must look after their suave hair and beards. 

Damage Caused by the Sun

  • Exposing your scalp to the direct sun rays makes your hair vulnerable to a lot of frizz and split ends
  • As a result, your hair is left feeling dull and dry
  • In the case of beards, exposure to sun rays takes away the moisture from your beard, this results in itch and damage to your beard hair

Damage Caused by Pool Water and Sea Water

  • Pool water, having a lot of chlorine, causes a great deal of damage to your hair by stripping the natural oils off your hair
  • It also increases the porosity of your hair
  • For beards, pool water causes damage in a similar way by withdrawing the natural oils of the beard
  • Sea water dehydrates your tresses and beards, making the surface rough
  • This results in porous and dull hair

To keep your hair and beard healthy and happy during summer, it is essential to take proper measures before it is too late. You can not totally avoid going in the sun or swimming, therefore, going by a few tips that will help you keep your hair protected from the extensive damage is a life saver.

Healthy Eating

The key to healthy hair is a lot of healthy food. The kind of food that you consume can affect your hair health. Eating a lot of junk food can cause hair loss and weakening of hair, in a similar way, eating healthy food can work wonders for your hair. Food rich in Proteins, Biotins, Vitamin C, A & E, Iron, and Omega-3 are a good source of nourishment to the hair and must be included in your regular diet. 

Here’s a list of all the healthy food you must consume to keep your hair ever growing, shiny and healthy. 

  • Eggs, fish, chicken – rich source of protein
  • Whole grains – contains Vitamin B7, rich course of biotin
  • Green leafy vegetables – source of iron
  • Apples, beetroot, red meat – source of iron
  • Kiwi, oranges, strawberries, papaya, guava – for Vitamin C
  • Fishes like sardine, salmon and mackerel – rich source of Omega-3
  • Sweet potatoes – Vitamin A
  • Nut and dry fruits – Vitamin E
  • Avocado – Vitamin E

Adding these healthy food to your diet will prove to be a boon for your hair. Feeding your hair a shampoo that will provide nutrients and nourish your hair is also important. You can go for the Goat Milk Hydrating Shampoo by MG Studio that is rich in Omega 3,6,9 and Vitamin A,B1,B12,K,E,C and P.

Condition Your Hair

Your hair gets dehydrated during summer, therefore, it is necessary to lock in the moisture in your hair with serums and conditioners that will keep the hair hydrated throughout the day. Using good hair-masks and leave-in conditioners that will replenish your hair is also a good option. 

Scalp Therapy Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner and Goat Milk Hydrating Conditioner are a few MG Studio products that are made up of naturally formulated ingredients which rejuvenate and replenish your hair. 

Avoid Excessive Heat

Although you love to experiment with hair styles every now and then. Using hair styling tools like curlers and dryers excessively can rip the moisture off your hair leaving it dull and dehydrated. It is best to use these products occasionally in summer, only when there is a compelling need. You can opt for hair treatments like hair spa and hair masks that will repair you hair and leave them feeling soft and smooth. 

The MG Studio styling products like Raw Honey Pomade and Refulgance Shine Spray help style your hair and at the same time act as a shield against damage to your hair. Also, the Rub My Beard Shave Me Bald Pomade is a great choice for men if they wish to style their beard or shave their hair during summer. 

Protect Your Chemically Treated Hair

If your hair is chemically treated, it is crucial to preserve it, as chemically treated hair tend to become dry quickly. Moisturising your hair regularly and giving proper minerals and nutrition to your is fundamental. You should go for a shampoo and conditioner that are natural rather than full of chemicals because you already have a lot of chemical in your hair. if you have color treated hair, you must use proper products to maintain the color of your hair as sun can fade away the colors easily.

MG Studio products are naturally formulated to replenish, nourish and maintain the beauty of any natural or chemically color treated hair. You can purchase the MG Studio Collection by MG Studio from the following link:

Get a Good Haircut

Trimming your hair in summer is essential to get rid of the dry and damaged split ends. It makes your hair look healthy and less tangled. You can also opt for a trendy summer haircut for a new look, that too without causing any damage to your hair.

Although summer is a good time to go outdoors, it is primary to keep your hair care in check during this season. The sun and the waters can be a bit too harsh for your hair, therefore, investing in good hair care products that will not only protect your hair but also provide vital nutrients to the hair is important. 

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