Being a hairstylist, you are someone who is responsible for changing the entire look of your client. Transforming a client’s dull blonde hair to a lustrous brown mane is what gives you satisfaction. The feeling of pride that fills you when your client walks out of the salon with a happy face and a completely enhanced look is the major highlight of your day. And being a hairstylist, you’re not just someone who cuts and styles your clients hair, but you are a person who is trusted by your client for their entire look, what you say is final for them.

But, being a hairstylist isn’t an easy job. You have to stand for almost the entire day with minimum time for a break. You may see a client whose hair is filthy and unkempt, which probably makes you sick. And although it’s fun to talk to clients, sometimes it can be really bothering when your client cannot stop chattering. Yet, you love your job and the little funny stuff that happens throughout the day while you treat your client’s tresses.

So, let’s see a glimpse of what goes on with hairstylists at the hair salon when they are treating a client’s hair or doing other jobs. Here are a few honest confessions of hairstylists:

  1. Naturally Lopsided 

As a hairstylist, often when you are giving a haircut to your client, you might come across the thought that are both the sides of the hair equal in length? 

Well, the topic is totally relatable to this hairstylist, who confesses that the hair cut they give to the client is always perfect on the left side, but when they cut the right side, it is always longer than the left. Hence, they have to cut the right side again to ensure that both sides of the mane are equal in length. Moreover, according to the hairstylist’s confession, they believe that they’re naturally lopsided. 

  • The Dumb Hairstylist

So, how many of you hairstylists have a habit that you carry out while treating the clients hair with heat or in another way? Here’s an honest confession of a hairstylist about a habit, which made them feel dumb. 

So, this habit dates back to when COVID-19 was not around and masks were not a thing. This hairstylist confesses that, when they used to straighten their clients hair with the iron or comb, and would reach towards the scalp, if they felt heat, they would gently blow on the scalp. Just a gentle blow, to avoid too much heat. So now, with the COVID-19 around, masks are mandatory for protection. But, the silly thing here is, that the stylist would still keep blowing on the scalp, with a mask on. 

  • Holding Breathe

Being too close to a client makes you pretty much aware of every little thing. Like even breathing! Well, most of you can relate to this confession.

A hairstylist confessed that, when they arch the eyebrows of their client, they do not breathe. Yes! The hairstylist holds their breathe, because they are too cautious about it and do not want to blow hot breathe on their clients’ face. Not because their breathe stinks, but because it feels gross.

  • The Bully

How many of you hairstylists are a bully to their clients or co-workers? Oh! Not a bad bully, but a funny one. Because, here’s the confession of a hairstylist who bullies their client in a hilarious way.

This hairstylist brings ample food and snacks with them at hair salons, eats them, and also compels everyone, including their clients, to eat and drink with them. Hence, this hairstylist calls them self a food bully. 

  • Foot Break

A hair service means that you have to be around your client for a good amount of time, standing all the while, doing your job. But, here’s a confession of a hairstylist, who got a foot break.

So, when the client was being serviced, and their hair was in the dryer for deep conditioning and replenishing, the hairstylist got a chance to take a foot break, which they consider is a great thing because their feet hurt.

So, these were some of the whimsical honest confessions of hairstylists. As a hairstylist, you may know that all hair salons often have such funny behind the scenes stories that happen on a regular basis either because of you or because of a client. But what’s important is, this gives you a little humor throughout the day when you are engaged with work.

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