Mantras for a Stress- Free Life

 Many a time you get a feeling of emptiness in the stomach. You become lethargic and agitated without any reason. Loss of appetite, minor stomachache or headache and insomnia are the common symptoms of stress. It can commonly arise from pressure at the workplace, emotional disturbance, financial issues or health problems. 

If you have any symptom of stress, then you need to sit and take a deep breath. In the roller coaster of your fast-moving lifestyle, it is normal to have stress to some extent. 

Talk to yourself and try to analyze the reason for stress in your life. 

Make simple notes where you can write things which make you feel unhappy. Is it your wrinkles? Either you are experiencing some physical pain or you just had a break-up? There can be innumerable reasons for the stress in your life. Always remember that the solution to your problems is with you only. 

No matter how stress barge into your lives silently, it certainly leaves your mind in chaos. It is not really pleasant to have stress as it affects your social life too. If it increases, it may cause many chronic underlying diseases which affect your physical and mental health. Physical health problems due to stress can be heart attacks, high blood pressure, abnormal pulse rates, indigestion and stroke. Mental health problems like depression, anxiety, confusion and lack of concentration commonly occurs due to stress.

How can you reduce stress in your life?

The most significant tool to relieve stress is the power of optimism. Being optimistic helps you to change your pattern of thoughts and convert you into a problem solver. It is important to watch out your thoughts and channelize them into productive ways. 

Let’s check out few Productive Ways to Burst Your Stress Balloons:

  1. Optimum Sleep: Improving your sleep pattern will surely leave a positive impact on your health. Sleeping time helps you to tackle the day’s stress and relieves the tiredness of your body. Working for more than 18 hours and sleeping only for four or five hours will definitely take its toll on your mind and body. Following simple routine at night will help you to have a healthy sleeping time like setting up sleep reminders, reading a book or giving yourself foot massage before going to bed. Take off worries from your head and start taking a good night sleep as soon as possible.
  • Happy Tummy, happy mind: There are different ways to deal with stress and it’s common to encounter a loss of appetite. But sometimes having hunger pangs can also be observed and a lot of you might want to eat more if you are dealing with stress. It’s really important to eat right and eat light. Including lots of leafy vegetables, soups and salads in your diet reduce stress levels as they provide you with essential nutrients and keep your stomach light. Healthy food habits also keep the hormones level normal and keep our body and mind lighter.
  • Hydrate yourself: Dehydration increases the stress hormone in the body which makes you feel weary throughout the day. If you feel exhausted and weary in the normal course of life, you will not be able to accomplish your daily tasks. The non accomplishment of tasks will bring you more stress. Drinking lots of water keeps the body hydrated which has a direct impact on the stress hormone. It helps the body to deal with every day’s task and keeps the body relaxed. 
  • Avoid alcohol: Consuming alcohol in larger amount may have some serious impacts on your mind. It tends to create emotional and hormonal imbalance in your body. Instead of consuming alcohol, develop the habit of drinking chamomile or green tea. It has the calming effect which helps to combat anxiety and reduces stress. 
  • Meditate and Introspect:  Taking out time and involving you in a quick ten minutes breathing sessions helps you to relax your mind. Meditation is a quiet time which relaxes your complete nervous system and rejuvenates all the muscles of the body. A day without any pain will surely give you happiness and reduce your stress levels. Introspection gives your body cells a time to repair itself and synthesis your energy positively. The perfect way to know yourself and fight with your fears and anxieties which are the causes of your stress. Follow a simple mantra of Meditate, Introspect and repeat to attain happiness in life.
  • Be Creative, Explore your Hobby: Pursuing your hobby is certainly the best way to push stress away from your life. Indulge yourself in any of your old hobby like painting, writing or reading. In our fast forward life, we often forget our hobbies. Take out the old you in yourself and start painting the canvas or remove the dust from the old typewriter and start writing. You can also look out for hobby classes near your house or pick a one at the weekend. Being creative and indulging in recreational activities is the way to forget about everyday’s problem and find happiness inside you.
  • Let’s Play:  Sports not only stimulates your muscles but also increase your confidence. Try playing indoor or outdoor sports and fight with your stress vampires. It gives you a sense of purpose and helps to channelize your stress in a healthy way. You will start feeling enthusiastic and energetic. Reiterate yourself that physical activity in any form is a great way to keep yourself healthy and improve your mental well- being.

Having stress is normal to some extent but enduring it for a longer time leads you to really difficult times. You would certainly not want to visit psychologists and start living on pills. Well, there’s a better and healthy way to fight with your stress. A stitch in time saves nine, so identify your stress and start taking up small suggested tasks to combat your stress. Be a fighter and be tough to the tough time you are dealing with. 

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